You are off to great places...

Hello there, my name is Michelle and this is my first post on The Leading Ladies Movement, transforming leadership capacity in the lives of women. I live in Sydney and have a passion to see women leaders from whatever sphere or season of life that they are in, to grow and develop their leadership capacity and ability. This all starts with your mindset and belief about ourselves. So often as women we feel not enough or less than, then there are those of us who feel we come across too much or too strong and then we are dismissed by those around us. It is when we begin to believe that we are enough, we have all that we need and are confident even when we are fearful and trembling, isn't that what being brave is anyway turning up, even when the odds seem to be stacked against us and doing it anyway! Right?

I believe that what you need is within you, somethings you already know, others are yet to be discovered. Speaking from a woman's perspective and from my own experience that over the years I have found that I have spent far too much time double guessing myself, my contribution, and my voice in situations where I should have been more forthright and given a woman's perspective on a matter, I think organisationally we may have made better decisions. So today is your day, this moment is your moment to find your voice and confidence so that you can embark on whatever it is before you with that confidence that is needed. In the words of Dr. Seuss, "Congratulations, today is your day, You are off to great places! you off and away!...Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way!" (Oh The Places You'll Go!). Corny I know!

but the message is real, it doesn't matter what we are going through there is a future for us, we will make mistakes but we will get up again and breakthrough and learn and develop some incredible insights and perspectives and be wiser.

So it is time to step up, show up, grow up and put on your big girls undies, so that you can find the confidence that you need and not only be transformed but see things change in your sphere.

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